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       Original  &  Orange Lip Balm

Most lip balms on the market contain petroleum jelly. Petroleum forms a barrier, causing dryness, which is counterproductive! Our lip balms go on nice and smooth, and effectively moisturize and heal dry, cracked lips.

Original  ingredients:   Pure Olive Oil, Pure                                                  Vermont Beeswax.

Orange ingredients:   Pure Olive Oil, Pure      Vermont Beeswax, Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

            Original Bee Balm

Original remedy used for centuries to heal and protect cracked fingers, minor burns, abrasions, chapped and chafed skin.Heals cracked fingers without bandages or glue. Leaves a protective layer that feels great, not greasy! Safe for sensitive skin. No scent added, only the natural fragrance of beeswax.

Ingredients:Pure Olive Oil, Pure Vermont Beeswax


    Vermont Bee Balm

Original Beast Balm     $7.50

              2 oz.

Orange Butter Balm

2 oz. tin  $6.50

       Original Beast Balm

For use on animals and people.  Regular use helps heal and prevent cracking and chapping of skin exposed to sun, wind, water, and dirt. Heals cracked paws, teats, hands and feet. Safe for baby's bottom, too.

Original Beast Balm has a bit more olive oil than our balms in the tins. We blend it for a soft, easy to spread consistency. No need to wear gloves, soaks into skin and forms a protective layer that feels great. Effective and economical at home, work, and on the farm.

Ingredients: Pure Olive Oil, Pure Vermont Beeswax.

       Orange Butter Balm

This balm works the same as Original Bee Balm. Rich in cocoa butter, Orange Butter Balm feels silky smooth and has a wonderful chocolate-orange scent. 

Ingredients: Pure Olive Oil, Pure Vermont Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

Bohemian Body Butter

5 oz. jar     $12.50

       Bohemian Body Butter

Concentrated moisturizer for problem dry skin. ​Use on entire body, including face, elbows, knees, and dry, cracked heels. Reduces flaking associated with chronic dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. Natural lemongrass scent.

Ingredients: Pure Olive Oil, Water, Cocoa Butter, Pure Vermont Beeswax, Lemongrass, Lemon, and Orange Essential oils, Sodium Borate (Emulsifier).

Wavey, our Wire Fox Terrier, 2/10/02 - 9/25/13.

Forever in our hearts, and on our Beast Balm label.

Orange Lip Balm    $2.50

Original Lip Balm    $2.50

Original Bee Balm 2 oz. tin   $6.50

Handmade in Craftsbury, Vermont

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Original Beast Balm      $20.00

          ​12 oz.

     which products?

Wondering which products you need? Here are our recommendations:

Cracked fingers:   ​Original Bee Balm, OrangeButter

Balm. (They have the most beeswax and will stay on

your hands longer, through washings.)

Eczema and psoriasis:         All of our products.

Dry, cracked feet:                  All of our products.

     (Our favorites are Original Beast Balm and

     Bohemian Body Butter.)

Sensitive skin/allergies:  All 'Original' products.

    (Nothing added, just beeswax and olive oil.)